Georgia Department of Transportation​

DBE Supportive Services
855-432-1DBE (1323)

DBE Capability Statements

Specialty Services

Alcohol & Drug Testing

Safe Haven Nursing Services dba
Drug Testing Services of McDonough

BCDC Occuhealth & Driving Services

World Wide Health and Safety Testing, LLC

Height Talent Solutions, LLC

ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta-Northeast

Animal Food Manufacturing

Synergetic Agricultural Products, Inc.

Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Taboris Intelligence Training Group

Automotive Services

Lewis & Sons Auto and Towing, Inc.


Catering & Vending

Coffee and Tea Jazz Fest, LLC

​Kay's Kookies

Miss Crumpy's

Yummies by Kai Sage

Catering By Design LLC

TAM Fitness Vending

UR Healthy Vendor, LLC

Computer Software & Technology

24-7 Consulting

Pro-Impact Solutions, Inc.

Challenge Innovation Technology, Inc.

InfoSmart Technologies, Inc.

LaMels Services, LLC

O Moxam

Beyond A11Y, LLC

Anointed Hands Automation LLC

International System Strategies, Inc.


Robot Kids Club, LLC

Stories By Josie

Alexander At'Ta Associates, Inc.

CHARP EDucation Consulting, LLC

Soft Skills Zone

ProAct Safety & Traffic Solutions LLC

Selective Training Educational Ministries, LLC

Beyond A11Y, LLC

The Triant Group, Inc.

Visionaire Consulting, LLC

Embroidery & Sewing

ELLA Designs, LLC

Furniture & Fixtures

HA Office 515, Inc.

Glass/ Glazing

Health Related

Hill Tech Imaging, LLC

Providence Residential & Outpatient PTSD Services

MaKen SKrubs, LLC

IdeaCentre HIM Solutions, LLC

Injury Relief Chiropractic

Americ Transit Services, LLC

World Wide Health and Safety Testing, LLC

ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta-Northeast


Trinity Technology Services, Inc.

TYCO Construction & Industrial Services, Inc.

ET Services, LLC

Climate Control Heating & Air Mechanical, LLC

Apex Facility Services Group, LLC


DNI Services, Inc.

GPI Financial Services

PMI Solutions, LLC

Pro Insurance Advice


LED/ Solar Lighting

Marketing & Media

Creative Juice, LLC
Designs by Stacey, Inc.
First Media Group
​Good Clean Design, Inc.
​See Jones Creative, LLC

The Georgia Drone
​Von Creations, Inc.

Smartegies, LLC

Liberty Signs & Graphics, Inc.

Dudly's Professional Services

6S Factor, LLC


CIA Media Group

After 8 Brands

Alliance Strategies

VIVO360, Inc.

Peymac Consulting, LLC

Impact Branding Consulting, Inc.

Exousia Marketing Group, LLC

Eat Up

Sean Banks Elite, LLC dba BANKS ELITE FILMS

The Triant Group, Inc.

Press 4Ward Group

Moving/Furniture Removal

​N&M Declutter, Logistics Services, and Junk Removal, LLC


Height Talent Solutions, LLC

Pest Control

Power House Termite and Pest Control, Inc.

Photography/ Videography

The Georgia Drone

DroneScape, PLLC

Peymac Consulting, LLC

FOSSA Enterprises LLC

LoKnows Drones Aerial Solutions LLC

Sean Banks Elite, LLC dba BANKS ELITE FILMS


Claude Paul Chemicals Inc.

Apex Facility Services Group, LLC

Portable Services

Portable Services, Inc.

Pressure Washing


Property Management

M. Edwards Group, LLC

The Real Estate Gallery of Georgia, LLC


The Skylar Group-Security Services

Apogee Security & Investigation Services, LLC 

AS Private Security, LLC

Ignis LLC

CMB Executive Protection, LLC

Mach 1 Security Services, Inc.

Heyliger & Norwood Security Solutions, LLC

LaMels Services, LLC

Site Preparation

5M Services, LLC

T&E Grading & Hauling, LLC

CWA Development, Inc.

PLB Construction Services, LLC

​G & P Construction, Hauling and Environmental, LLC

Adelphi Services Group, LLC

Beau Monde Builders Club, LLC

Transit, Transportation, Towing

Dependable Transport & Towing, LLC

ESP Enterprises, Inc.

All Things Freight

CLM International, LLC

International Forwarding Solutions, LLC

ZBS & Associates, LLC

Sayda Logistics, LLC

TrendTech Logistics, LLC

Gibraltar Trucking, LLC

CTI Leasing, LLC

C.D. Woods Transportation Solutions, LLC

Robdog, LLC

Lewis & Sons Auto and Towing, Inc.

Cartagenaway 75 LLC

DCJ Global Management Solutions, LLC