Georgia Department of Transportation​

DBE Supportive Services
855-432-1DBE (1323)


CEI's mission is to improve the skills of individuals working in the construction industry. We are the provider of the DBE Supportive Services Program for the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Since 1982, CEI has trained and developed the skills of over 80,000 construction professionals. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, we provide training and consulting services to the construction industry both nationwide and internationally.

CEI delivers public training courses in the areas of:

  • Civil estimating
  • Building estimating
  • Project scheduling
  • Construction project management
  • Construction negotiating
  • Construction business management
  • Construction bonding 
  • Construction laws 
  • Construction safety 
  • Accounting and financial management 

​CEI also provides private training and consulting for construction companies, professional associations and governmental agencies. 

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  • Increase the number of certified DBE contractors and consultants doing business with the Georgia Department of Transportation
  • Increase the dollar percentage awarded to DBEs
  • Contribute to DBEs' growth and business efficiency by teaching DBEs:
    • How to do business with GDOT
    • How to comply with all required GDOT regulations
    • Accomplishing the program's goals and objectives